Friday, 13 August 2010

Paris On My Mind

Perhaps it's because I saw a couple of interesting art exhibits today or maybe it was a passing scene or odor in the air but for whatever reason I can't get Paris out of my mind right now. We always go every Autumn but pressures of work may compel us to skip a year.

From the Artist's Book, Paris Eclectique, Joe Donohue 2005 -

I see a little girl running in the park
I can hear the music playing in the background,
feel the wind on my face and taste the rain.

I can see the light in the church apse,
smell the street on a sunny day.
I can sense the echoes of past conflicts
and in my mind's eye the history unfolds
and becomes real.

Paris is art and music,
long walks along the Seine
Shadows of the Marais and the glow
of the Champs Elysees.

I gaze upon the never ending spectacle
the memories will never fade.