Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Another Hijacking - Will It Ever End?

I'm quite the hacker and hijacker!  Who knew this would be so easy?  I guess since I'm the ONLY ONE using this blog so far THIS YEAR, I can get away with it.

Below are a few photos taken in Griffintown which is one of my favorite spots in MontrĂ©al.  I only wish more of it still remained.

I'll take the credit for the photos....well no, I guess I can't.  Joe's name is on the blog and anyway, what kind of hacker signs her name?  Oops.....caught in the act.....

Jeesh!!... you leave a blog alone for  two years and someone  just marches right in and steals it! These were some photos I took in the Fall of 2012  a few months after the transformation had begun. I'm heading back next month to see what it looks like now.