Sunday, 29 August 2010

Between City and Country

I'm an unabashed urbanite and I like my cities big! My wife Susan and I have been to Paris at least fifteen times with trips to New York mixed in every couple of years.

We haven't been to Paris for nine months and I'm feeling pangs of withdrawal but I do make occasional day trips (or longer) with camera in tow to some great choice locales in Quebec and Ontario trying to capture the landscape. A day or two in the country can recharge one's batteries and gives a photographer a chance to challenge himself to find something new in shooting a stream or pond he may have visited a hundred times before.

Chris Whitley (1960-2005) was a musician who also moved easily between urban and country. His discography includes solo guitar, full rock bands, jazz trios and sets with experimental German avant gardists. He'd cover songs by Lou Reed, Dylan, Muddy Waters, The Ramones, Kraftwerk and Eden Ahbez (Nature Boy) and everyone in between. We were fortunate to see him perform several times.

The sidebar video is Whitley's Living With the Law. Check out also the video for O God My Heart is ready.