Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Bit Rusty

One of the facets of Social Media that both annoys and delights me is finding people of a 'like' mind. It's annoying in the sense that you tend to gravitate towards people who share your opinion and thus compel you to harden your own opinion and denigrate the other side but it's also delightful when you run across a group that shares an approach to photography. I'm very pleased to run across a group on Facebook devoted to Rust-Art

I love the images that swirl out of a rusty old pipe, wall or door. Sometimes the rust is the whole image, other times it gives the accents to a composition.

Here's  a few images I've put on this remarkable page.



  1. Of course you know that rust never sleeps.

  2. That second one looks like a Matta or Miro.. I think more Matta.. great captur Joe.